What you can track with CellarTracker

CellarTracker is a rich platform that provides an ample mix of various public and private ways to track aspects of your tasting and collecting. This article includes a high level summary of the options.

Bottles (in-stock, pending and consumed)

  • Size and quantity
  • Purchase history (store, purchase data, delivery date, delivery status, purchase note)
  • Per bottle location, bin and private bottle note
  • Consumption history (date, type, private note, and optional revenue gathered)
  • Each bottle gets its own unique ID which can optionally be printed onto a custom barcode. (read more)


Drinking Windows

  • Personal, community and professional (either pre-integrated or manually entered)
  • A variety of “drinkability” algorithms to help pace your consumption. (read more)

Tasting Notes, Scores and Votes

  • Date, score, tasting note. You can track a note each time you taste a wine. (read more)
  • Or use Like/Dislike to just record a simple vote and easily track the list of wines you have voted upon.

Pro Reviews

  • Pre-integrated or manually entered. (read more)

Private Note

  • Up to 6KB of per-wine private notes. (read more)

Wishlist/Tagged List

  • Build and manage a wishlist or as many custom tagged lists as you wish to

Food Pairing Tags

  • Track as many per-wine food pairings as you wish

Social Interaction

  • Granular privacy controls. (read more)
  • Per-user profile pages.
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and hundreds of other social tools. (read more)
  • Publish tasting notes to popular wine bulletin boards.
  • Build a list of people whose tasting notes you are a fan of. Prioritize those notes and filter by them.
  • Build a list of friends and use that to optionally control who can see your cellar data.
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