Privacy Settings explained

CellarTracker offers a number of controls to allow you to determine how your information is made visible (or not) to others. You can adjust these settings on the  Privacy Settings page, which is under Account Settings. In addition, please see the official site Privacy Policy for more details on how we protect your personal information.

Understanding the Audiences

There are five main audiences with whom you can share information:

Everyone Any person on the internet who browses to the site.
All registered users Any person who has registered an account on CellarTracker and has logged in. Since there are no restrictions beyond the terms and conditions on who can register, this can still be a pretty broad audience.
My Friends and people who are Fans of me Friends are specific CellarTracker users with whom you have approved a two-way relationship. Fans are specific CellarTracker users who have chosen to "follow" you (and do not require your approval to do so).
My Friends only Friends are specific CellarTracker users with whom you have approved a two-way relationship.
No one No one, other than yourself.

Cellar Data

Your cellar data includes information about your cellar and purchase/consumption history; for example, the number of bottles of a wine that you have, where and when you purchased them, and when you consumed them.

The site only exposes purchase price or valuation to other users in aggregate (e.g. average price or value of a wine held by multiple users).

By changing the Who can view your cellar? setting, you can control who, from the audience list described above, can see this information about your cellar.

The total number of bottles in a cellar is still shown on your user profile page, unless you set access to No one and check the option to Hide my count of bottles from other users.

User Profile

Your user profile includes your handle, and other biographical data you may have added on the Edit My Profile page. Users who are able to view your profile are also able to post messages to your profile page (as long as they are registered with the site).

For your handle, some people choose to use their actual name, others use nicknames, and others use obviously anonymous monikers. In some cases the site will expose this handle in association with your other data (tasting notes, inventory, purchases, consumed bottles) or in a list of users. One approach to all of this privacy stuff is to stick with an anonymous handle, although the intent of the other options here is in fact to allow you to share an appropriate level of data with the community.

You can also optionally include your real name next to your handle by checking the Include my real name with my profile box. This will allow anyone who is able to see your profile (as determined by the setting) to also see your real name on your profile page.

Tasting Notes

CellarTracker allows you to record your own impressions on a wine as a tasting note. All tasting notes are always public, and are associated with your handle.

Comments on Tasting Notes

Registered users can comment on tasting notes; by default, all registered users can comment on any note. You can configure who, if anyone, can comment on your own tasting notes by changing the setting below.

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