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CellarTracker features automatic integration with over 20 professional content channels, plus the ability to manually add your own professional reviews from other sources.

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Dating back to October, 2005, CellarTracker has featured fully automated integration of professional reviews from  Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar (which is now part of Antonio Galloni's Vinous). More recently, in October, 2007, this facility was expanded to include several new publications. Since that point we have regularly added new channels from professionals, bloggers and anyone generating interesting, unique, professional content. Generally speaking, to be eligible for a channel, the publication in question should have at least 1,000 wine reviews as well as either its own website or a regular newsletter.

All users see the presence of all reviews, but some scores, review text and drinking windows (if published) are only presented based on rules established by the content authors. This is  described here. Any channel can be suppressed if you are not interested in the content or have no interest in subscribing.

Enabling and Disabling Channels

You can control which content channels are enabled for your account on the  My Subscriptions page. By default, you will see the presence of a review from a paid content channel, but not the details. If you are a mutual subscriber of the content channel, you can enable integration by clicking the Link Subscription button shown below the publication name.

If you have already signed up with a publication, the current expiration date will be shown. If you renew your subscription to the publication, you can click the Update link to refresh the link.

You can click Remove to remove the linkage to the publication, and Disable will completely hide that publication from your account.

These channels required paid subscriptions directly to the publication in question, and subsequent 'activation' on the CellarTracker side:

  • Antonio Galloni's Vinous (VM)
  • (JS)
  • (JR)
  • Decanter (DR)
  • Allen Meadows' (BH)
  • Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy (JM)
  • James Halliday's Halliday Wine Companion (JH)
  • (JD)
  • John Gilman's View From the Cellar (JG)
  • WineAlign (WAL)
  • Roy Hersh's For The Love of Port (RH)
  • Brad Baker's The Champagne Warrior (CW)
  • Peter Liem's (CHG)
  • (IWR)
  • Chris Kissack's Winedoctor (WD)
  • Gregory S. Walter's PinotReport (PR)

Free Content

These channels are free for all users, but some may require a one-time signup:

  • World of Fine Wine (Selected reviews from the magazine. Free but requires an email opt-in.) (WFW)
  • Mosel Fine Wines (free activation is required) (MFW)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk's WineLibrary TV (NOTE: Gary is in the wine retail business.) (GV)
  • Terry Theise Estate Selections (TT)
  • Jon Rimmerman's Garagiste (NOTE: Jon is in the wine retail business.) (GA)
  • Paul Zitarelli's Full Pull (NOTE: Paul is in the wine retail business.) (FP)
  • Bill Nanson's Burgundy-Report (BR)
  • Sean Sullivan's Washington Wine Report (WWR)
  • Lyle Fass' Rockss and Fruit (NOTE: Lyle is in the wine retail business.) (LF)
  • John Kapon's Vintage Tastings (NOTE: John is in the wine retail and auction business.) (JK)
  • Lenn Thompson's New York Cork Report (formerly LENNDEVOURS) (LD)
  • Sommelier Journal (SJ)

Manually Added Content

The following publications have chosen not to partner with us to enable more seamless integration for our mutual subscribers, however CellarTracker still offers a way for users to manually enter (private) pro reviews from these publications for their own use.

  • Wine Advocate (WA)
  • Wine Spectator (WS)
  • Wine Enthusiast (WE)

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking at a wine in CellarTracker that should have a professional review, but I don't see one. What can I do?

We have mapped nearly all of the reviews provided to us by our partners. Each partner provides content updates on different timetables, and depending on the date of our last update, newer reviews may not yet be integrated. To see the latest content we have integrated from each partner, please review the Content Integration Status article. If the review in question falls within the range of content we've integrated, we could easily have some erroneous mappings or duplicates on the CellarTracker side. If you see anything that seems like an error, the best thing to do is to post a note on the Errors & Corrections forum or send an email to our support team. Please include the wine names as they appear in the other publication and on CellarTracker and ideally the links to those web pages. Mappings are very easy for us to correct or add, so with your help we can resolve such errors very quickly.

Does sorting and filtering work?

You can sort your cellar by the score from a given publication, but currently filtering is not supported for automatically integrated reviews.

What information is transmitted when I click to sign-up?

No personal information is transferred between CellarTracker and the 3rd party site. Rather, CellarTracker sends your anonymous user ID, and, if you successfully log in as a subscriber to the 3rd party site, that site responds with the expiration date for your subscription.

The exceptions to this are John Gilman's View From the Cellar, Brad Baker's The Champagne Warrior and Gregory S. Walter's PinotReport where your email address IS explicitly used as the identifying key and is manually exchanged between CellarTracker and the content publishers. Also, Burghound conducts quarterly audits of the names and emails of those CellarTracker users who have activated Burghound content.

Will you do this sort of integration with other publications like the Wine Advocate or the Wine Spectator?

It is certainly our hope to provide as many choices as possible to wine lovers, and in that spirit we are indeed in discussions with a number of content providers. Stephen Tanzer's IWC was the first publication to offer this sort of integration, and for that we offer our kudos to Steve for showing the vision to collaborate in this innovative way! Roy Hersh's For The Love of Port was integrated as of late October, 2007. I am very excited to welcome Allen Meadows in October, 2009 and Jancis Robinson in December, 2009. We have also had ongoing discussions in the past with Robert Parker's Wine Advocate as well as the Wine Spectator, but neither of these publications is interested in having their content exposed on other websites (even to legitimate, paying users). You can of course share your desires and wishes with these publications, and perhaps someday they might change their tune.

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