Content Integration Status

The following table shows when content was last integrated for each publication. Each publication provides content on different schedules, and each content update requires a lot of manual effort to fully map the reviews to their associated wines in CellarTracker. If you are unable to locate a review from a publication that was published prior to our last integration date, please reach out to so we can look into it. If you're unable to find a review that was published after our last integration date, we appreciate your patience while we work to integrate it over the coming months.

Publication Last Integration Date Update Frequency
2023-01-10 Quarterly
Burgundy-Report 2009-04-01 No longer updated
Champagne Warrior 2019-09-01 Annually 2014-09-01 Very infrequently
Decanter 2023-04-01 Monthly
For The Love of Port 2017-08-26 Annually
Full Pull 2019-05-31 Annually
Garagiste 2011-06-01 No longer updated
Halliday Wine Companion 2022-07-05 Semi-annually 2015-09-15 No longer updated 2022-06-27 Twice yearly 2023-04-01 Monthly
Jasper Morris Inside Burgundy 2023-04-01 Monthly 2022-08-29 Quarterly
Mosel Fine Wines 2022-08-01 Quarterly
New York Cork Report 2011-02-03 No longer updated
PinotReport 2016-02-28 No longer updated
Rockss and Fruit 2009-05-26 No longer updated
Sommelier Journal 2011-11-30 No longer updated
Terry Theise Estate Selections 2012-06-01 No longer updated
The WINEFRONT 2023-04-01 Monthly
The World of Fine Wine 2016-12-01 Infrequently
View From the Cellar (John Gilman) 2022-10-31 Quarterly
Vinous 2023-03-01
Vintage Tastings 2012-11-14 No longer updated
Washington Wine Report 2014-07-02 No longer updated
Wine Library TV 2011-01-27 No longer updated
WineAlign 2023-04-01 Monthly
WineDoctor 2023-01-01 Monthly
Wine Market Journal (auction data) 2022-12-31 Quarterly
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