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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an unpaid member and a subscriber?




Track your cellar inventory



Access to millions of community tasting notes



Community wine ratings



Wine prices (market, auction, community average)


Automatic cellar valuation


Drinking windows with enhanced coverage for nearly all of your wines


Unlimited receipt recognition uploads


Drinkability Alerts (coming soon)


Printable custom barcode labels


Restaurant style wine list


My Charts


All users will continue to have access to all CellarTracker platforms—desktop, mobile web/app, desktop classic—regardless of subscription status. Subscription will only impact feature access.

How much does the CellarTracker Subscription cost?

CellarTracker is a free site/app with paid subscription to access additional features. Subscription pricing is based on your cellar size. However, you can always select a different payment amount, and there is no penalty for exceeding the cellar size for your purchased tier. We will recommend sizing up at your renewal.

If you have any questions about our payment model, please send us a note.

Cellar Size

Annual Subscription (USD)

Up to 100 bottles


Up to 250 bottles


Up to 500 bottles


Up to 1,000 bottles


Up to 2,500 bottles


2,500+ bottles


What if my cellar isn’t up to date?

You can navigate to the See more payment options page in the payment flow, where you’ll see a slider to update your tier to more accurately reflect your actual cellar size.

What happens to my subscription access if I’ve made a voluntary payment in the past year?

If you’ve made a voluntary payment in the past year, you will continue to receive access to all subscriber-only features until your subscription expires. At that time, you will be able to renew your subscription at one of the price points listed above.

Visit the CellarTracker Payment Page to become a subscriber

Why are there changes being made to the payment model?

See the Message from the Founder

Does CellarTracker sell my data?

No! We strongly believe that your data is your data. We never sell your individual data, and you can always access your data regardless of your subscription status.

What happens if I renew early? How do you calculate the due date?

There is no penalty for renewing early. We’ll add the next year of your subscription at the end of your current subscription period. If a user lapses payment, any subsequent payment from that user starts a fresh premium period. This is described in detail here.

What happens if I lapse payment? Will I still be able to access my data?

Yes, any data you’ve entered remains accessible regardless of subscription status. Some subscription-only data will 'dry up' when payment lapses; this should have no impact on data that a user has entered. Accounts with data are never purged except by user request. If you are having trouble logging in, it is for unrelated reasons, as no one is ever 'locked out' based on payment status, etc.

What payment mechanisms do you support?

We support all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. All payments are in US dollars.

Is my online payment secure, and how do you handle credit cardholder data?

Yes, we take security very seriously. Our payment page is hosted by PayPal Enterprise(Braintree Payments) and follows industry best practices for security. CellarTracker does not store or transmit any credit card data directly. Please see our Password Security topic for a brief discussion of this.

Can I pay by check?

While we prefer online payment, it is still possible to mail us a physical check. Please make checks payable in USD (foreign checks not accepted) to CellarTracker! LLC. Please also include your handle and user ID # on the check so that we can track this back to your account. Send checks to:   CellarTracker! LLC, 1425 Broadway #20-5107, Seattle, WA 98122

Visit the CellarTracker Payment Page to become a subscriber

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