Add via Receipt


This feature makes it easy to bulk add wines to your cellar. You can simply email your purchase receipt to CellarTracker and wines will be added to your cellar.

How it Works

  1. Email wine receipts to from the email associated with your CellarTracker account. No need to write a subject line.
  2. You’ll receive an email confirming your wines are ready for review.
  3. Click “Confirm New Wines” from the email, log into your account (on desktop) to verify your matches and VOILA! Add them to your cellar.

This feature is only available to CellarTracker subscribers. Non-subscribers can try the feature for free for first 3 scans.


For this phase we support both text/HTML formatted emails but not images or attachments.

Where to go for Help

Email us at with any questions or issues.

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