My Charts

My Charts is a subscription feature that empowers you to delve deeper into your wine journey. My Charts offers a visual way of understanding your wine collection's evolution and your evolving palate. Charts include your cellar size over time, your wines by drinking window, and your wines by categories like variety, region, color, and vineyard.

This is only available to CellarTracker subscribers.

How it works

Under the hood, your cellar powers My Charts.

Cellar Size Over Time

Visualize the history of your wine cellar as it changes over time. Each datapoint is a snapshot of the size of your cellar at that particular date

Wines by Drinking Window

Shows you the distribution of the bottles in your cellar by their ending drinking window.

Your Top Wines and Wine Distribution

Explores your wine cellar from various angles. Dive into categories such as region, color, and vineyard to gain a deeper understanding of your preferences. Use the distribution chart to see how each category breaks down into sub-categories.

These charts behave similar to the Summarize By feature in the example below:


Q: What does this feature cost?

A: Access to My Charts requires an active CellarTracker subscription. Learn more about CellarTracker subscription

Q: Can I try My Charts before subscribing?

We currently do not offer a trial for My Charts. You can learn more about the feature's benefits on our website or in this support article. Checkout the GIF below for a preview.

Q: Will My Charts work on both the web and mobile platforms?

A: Yes, My Charts is designed to work on both web and mobile platforms, ensuring you can access wherever you go.

Q: How frequently are the visualizations updated?

A: The charts are updated in real-time as you make changes to your cellar.

Q: Can I share my visualizations with others?

A: Sharing visualizations directly from My Charts is not supported. However, you can manually share your insights by using screenshots.

Q: Can I create my own charts?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Will there be additional features added to My Charts in the future?

A: We are constantly working to improve the CellarTracker experience, including My Charts. Stay tuned for announcements about new features and updates. If you have any suggestions for how to improve My Charts, please share your feedback here!

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