Tracking Multiple Cellars

A single account can be used to track wine across multiple physical locations. Additional benefits include the ability to easily relocate wine between locations and view aggregated reporting and valuation across all locations as well as within a single location.

In CellarTracker, each bottle has two fields that together can uniquely identify the location of a bottle:

  • Location: 40 character alphanumeric string to denote the cellar or physical location of the bottle
  • Bin: 40 character alphanumeric string to denote the location of the bottle within the location (i.e. shelf, row, column, row+column, wall, box, etc)

So, for example, if you have some wine in your home, and some at an offsite storage facility, you might use the locations "Home" and "Offsite" within your account to denote each location.

Tip: since location and bin are alphanumeric strings, they sort like strings. That means if your bins are numbered 1, 2, 3...13, 14, 15, you'll want to zero-pad the numbers so they all have the same number of digits – that way, they'll sort in the order you expect. In this example, you'll want to enter them as 01, 02, 03...13, 14, 15.

There is much discussion in the CellarTracker forums about strategies for utilizing the bin field; in general, the trade-off with bin precision (e.g. # of bottles per "bin") is how easy it is to locate a particular bottle, vs how easy it is to move things around in the cellar without having to update your inventory in CellarTracker. If each bin corresponds to a single bottle (or two), it's super-easy to locate it when you need it. But if you have to re-arrange things in the cellar, it can become a tedious task to update all of the bins. Having a bin correspond to a shelf, row, or column allows you to easily move around within that bin, but you may have to look through a few more bottles before you find the right one. CellarTracker barcodes certainly make this task easier, as does the bulk editing functionality.

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