How to add bottles

Adding bottles via Mobile App

There are three different ways to add bottles to you cellar via mobile app. You can use search, label image, or scan barcode.


You can start searching by using "Add bottles" button from the home screen or "Search" button from the bottom tab. Type the name of the producer or wine and app will automatically suggest relevant bottles.‚Äč

Once you find the bottle you want to add, you can click "Add bottle" from the wine details page and enter purchase details like price and location. The mobile app also makes it easy to add more bottles.

Label Search

You can search using wine labels by using existing photos or taking a photo of the label directly from the app.

  • Taking a photo of the label: When you select "Search labels," app will open the camera app and guide you on how to position the label.
  • Using an existing photo: When the camera opens, you can click the "Select" icon on the bottom left to choose images from your phone

A screen shot of a phone

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Adding bottles via receipt

You can forward wine purchase receipt emails using any device (mobile or desktop). Once receipts are forwarded, you can use the desktop app to finalize the upload. Please refer to detailed steps here.

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