Legacy App Release Notes

The following outlines the timeline of some of the major functional updates to the mobile website and apps. For more updates, please visit our  Release Notes forum.
Date Description
4-April-2024 App v1.90 for iOS has been released. This version is an important update that streamlines transitioning to our new mobile app, coming soon!
13-October-2023 App v1.8.0 for iOS has been released. This version moves to the latest supported Apple Web Control (WKWebView) from the older deprecated one (UIWebView). This fixes an issue with our header floating over the middle of the screen, and it also appears to fix many sporadic crashes (Apple keyboard code crashing in the older Apple web control). It is also about 30% faster at page rendering.
08-August-2023 App v1.8.0 for Android has been released. This version upgrades all of the components we use so that the app is able to be installed on modern Android versions.
22-September-2020 App v1.7.6 for iOS has been released. This release fixes an erroneous clipboard access message on startup on iOS 14. We do not utilize the clipboard without explicit user action, though prior versions of the app did attempt to work around a clipboard bug in iOS on startup which triggered this message.
1-November-2019 App v1.7.5 for iOS has been released. This release fixes an issue with label search.
24-July-2019 App v1.7.4 for Android has been released. This release fixes an issue that prevented Label Search from working for some users, and improves the network connectivity detection logic.
27-June-2019 App v1.7.4 for iOS has been released. This release fixes an issue where the keyboard would cover input elements on the page, as well as crashes on some devices.
6-November-2018 App v1.7.3 for iOS and Android have been released. This release adds support for Quick Actions/App Shortcuts on each platform, multitasking on iPad, improved error reporting, and numerous other bug fixes.
16-August-2018 App v1.7.2 for iOS has been released. This fixes an issue with Restaurant Style Wine Lists, and adds an option to reset the app on next startup.
26-July-2018 App v1.7.1 for iOS has been released. This fixes a crash some users were experiencing when attempting to choose a label image directly from your library.
21-July-2018 App v1.7.0 for iOS has been released. This adds support for iPhone X and iOS 11.
10-July-2018 Facebook integration has been revised to use Facebook's sharing dialog, which should work more
6-April-2018 We've enhanced our search grammar, so you can use double quotes to search on exact phrases. We've also automatically improved searching for wineries with common words in the names (e.g. "B Cellars") so you get better results.
9-March-2018 CellarTracker QR code barcodes are now supported in the Mobile apps.
30-November-2017 We've added the Restaurant Style Wine List to Mobile.
20-July-2017 We've added an unsaved changes warning to forms if you try to navigate away before saving your changes.
5-April-2017 We've added the ability to add pro reviews on Mobile, and exposed fast actions in list views when you swipe left on an item (e.g. Consumed and Purchased views).
14-September-2016 Links to show label images, where available, are included in search results.
29-June-2016 Articles are now viewable and editable on mobile, and linked to a wine's detail page.
03-November-2015 You can now take social connections (add fans and initiate or respond to friend requests) on each user's profile page.
21-October-2015 We now expose social connections (fans, friends) on each user's profile page.
14-October-2015 We have added better redirect handling for links from the desktop site that are not fully handled on Mobile.
8-October-2015 We have added Account Sharing and impersonation.
1-October-2015 We have added exact wine name matching on AutoCompletion (try picking Château Margaux from the AutoComplete dropdown).
18-August-2015 We have added full account/profile editing and profile images.
6-August-2015 We have added the ability to edit the drinking window for a wine and to drilldown to the drinkability score.
25-July-2015 We have added proper currency and date formatting to match the  system locale you set.
10-July-2015 Our apps now also allow label search by picking a photo from your library (vs. taking a new photo).
4-June-2015 We have added Type, Variety, Producer and Vintage filtering and grouping.
28-May-2015 We have added  label search!
December, 2014 We added Country/Region/SubRegion/Appellation filtering.
November, 2014 We have finally added location/bin filtering and also display within the MY CELLAR view.
October, 2014 We have overhauled our UPC/EAN support and added an easy UPC capture workflow.
September, 2014 We have launched native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
May, 2014 The site is open to all users (before that point it was only open to registered users).
April, 2014 You can now view and edit individual bottles.
February, 2014 You can now view tasting stories. You can now view browse, add, edit and delete your private notes.
January, 2014 The Ready to Drink (drinkability) report is supported.
December, 2013 Tasting note commenting and helpful voting is implemented. Help content and the help system are exposed. Creating a new vintage of an existing wine is supported.
November, 2013 You can edit wishlists (tagging wines, editing, removing). Account creation and password reminder/reset functionality is implemented.
October, 2013 You can add bottles to your cellar and edit existing purchases. You can accept pending deliveries.
September, 2013 We now have functionality to let you add, edit and delete your tasting notes. We have also added Twitter and Facebook sharing. You can also upload wine label images. You can now drink a bottle through the mobile site. You can undrink a bottle, edit consumed bottles, and search on a specific CellarTracker barcode.
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