Label Search

Our mobile apps (v1.5.0 and higher) now have the ability to recognize wine labels, thanks to our partnership with Vivino! Please watch this video for an overview of how it works.


Label Search

Tap the Label button, above the search box, to take a picture of a wine and get more information about it. We'll automatically identify the wine, and search CellarTracker's vast database to find the correct match. Sometimes, we won't get it exactly right – and in those cases, we've tried to make it easy for you to get to the right one quickly and easily. Simply tap on the alternates link to see a list of additional vintages, or other possible wine matches. If nothing looks right, you can select Search by name... and enter some of the wine keywords manually to find the right match.

We'll automatically remember your label search history – and the wines they match to – so you can refer back to them later. To visit My Label Searches, simply open the right panel and select the My Label Searches button. You can also view your search history on our full website.

Quick Capture

We've designed the Quick Capture feature as the perfect tasting companion! Quickly and easily capture photos and notes on multiple wines in a row, and save the matches for later reference. To get started, first visit the My Label Searches page in the mobile app, and then tap the Quick Capture button at the top. Take a picture of the label, optionally enter notes, and repeat until you are done. We'll automatically try to match your pictures to wines in the background, so when you return to My Label Searches, you have your complete history of wines available. If we didn't find a single match, or got the wrong wine, you can tap on the red MAP button or the Searched text to find the correct match.

Once a capture has been mapped, you can quickly create a tasting note from your capture note by tapping the Create Tasting Note button.

The match looks right, but no results were found?

Sometimes, a label search will appear to match correctly, but you still get a message indicating no wines were found. There are two possible scenarios in which this will happen:

  1. Label search is powered by third parties who look at the image, and return back a string (or list of strings) containing the probable matches. In some cases, the way that the third parties represent the wines may differ from the way CellarTracker represents the wines in our database. If the terms are different enough – e.g. by including extra words or misspellings – they can cause our search facility to not find the correct result.
  2. The wine you're searching for is not in the CellarTracker database.

Of these two scenarios, the first is much more common. By paring back the search terms, or even typing in some terms manually, you can usually find the right match quickly. However, we've also made it easy for you to quickly send us the details of the search, and let us sort it out for you. (Since adding new wines is currently only possible on the full website, this is also your best option for the second scenario above.)

Remember, label recognition is like auto-correct: it's a labor-saving device, but sometimes you have to assist it. If you get stuck, just reach out and we'll be happy to help!

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