About the CellarTracker Mobile App

CellarTracker apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone are available in their respective stores. These were first launched September 3, 2014, and a major upgrade was launched on May 28, 2015.

Please keep in mind this is still a work in progress, and there are some "Not Yet Implemented" items. We've done our best to ensure those links are all greyed out, so you can't activate them, but you'll still get an idea of what we want to implement. Please post any feedback/bugs/etc you have in the CellarTracker Support forum.

More editing functionality (wine creation other than new vintages) and more reporting (summarized views, advanced searches, saved searches) will continue to be fleshed out. We have now added the top advanced search requests. From the HOME page (click the logo at top or HOME in the side menu), on the MY CELLAR tab, you can BROWSE by cellar location or by wine region. Meanwhile, we will eventually flesh out a full advanced search user interface, but these two methods, together with keyword search, cover 99% of the searches that people do in CellarTracker.

What app platforms are supported?

iOS 8 and later. Windows Phone 8 and later. Android 4.x and later. Please do NOT try to run our Android app on a Blackberry, as that is not supported. If your phone/OS is not supported, please use the mobile website instead.

Where can I find the mobile website?

Just browse to www.cellartracker.com/m through the browser on your phone. You should be directed there automatically.

Can I scan a barcode or take a picture of a label to identify a wine?

With our mobile apps, you can scan CellarTracker or UPC/EAN barcodes to identify a wine. You can also use the 3rd party Cor.kz app for barcode scanning. With v1.5.0 or higher, you can now search for wines by taking a picture of the label! Learn more about label search.

What about the Cor.kz and VinoPal/CellarVU apps? Will these keep working?

Cor.kz and VinoPal (formerly known as CellarVU) are third party apps. They are not created, sold or supported by us directly. Our intention is to help the developers of those apps to ensure that these keep working, but we have no responsibility or control over these apps. Please contact the app manufacturers for support issues with their apps.

Will this work on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc?

The mobile website should work on any modern smartphone that has support for HTML5. While we primarily test with iOS/Safari, Android/Chrome, and Windows Phone/IE, the site should work on a wider variety of modern devices and browsers.

Do you plan on making native apps for BlackBerry, and ?

At this time, we are not planning to build additional native apps, however our mobile website will continue to be available for these devices.

When I browse to CellarTracker on my smartphone, why do I always get redirected to the new CellarTracker mobile site?

We believe the new mobile experience is far superior to the legacy site for the majority of tasks users complete on a smartphone, and as of May 30, 2014, have made it the default experience for all mobile users. Where possible, we will redirect desktop URLs, including all parameters, to their mobile equivalents -- however, not all desktop functionality is currently available on the mobile site. If you'd like to get back to the desktop site, simply click the View Full Website link in the footer of every mobile page, and you will no longer be redirected for the remainder of your visit. To go to the classic site, simply click the CLASSIC link at the bottom of any desktop page.

My handle and password don't seem to be working to login to the mobile site. What's up?

Make sure that you are entering all letters correctly with no inadvertent capitalization. Make sure cookies are enabled in your mobile browser. We have also seen cases where 3rd party keyboards and/or form fillers get in the way of proper login, so make sure you are not running any problematic addins.

What functionality is exposed on the mobile site?

We plan to add ALL core CellarTracker functionality eventually. The initial preview of the mobile website (launched in September, 2013) was fairly limited. However, we have since been fleshing out the editing functionality as shown below. See  this topic for the full revision history.

Can't find an answer to your question? Please post it in the CellarTracker Support forum and we'll be happy to help!

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