Search by barcode

We support searching by barcode to find a wine. You can scan CellarTracker or UPC/EAN barcodes to find a wine. In our mobile apps, you can search by barcode using your phone's camera. On desktop, you'll need an external scanner.

How to search by barcode


You can search by barcode directly from the Home screen or by pressing the camera icon next to a search input.

App (Legacy)

You can search by barcode directly from the Home screen or by pressing the barcode icon next to a search input.

Desktop Web

You'll need to purchase an external scanner. See our Recommended Equipment article for more details.

Finding the right result

CellarTracker Barcodes

If you scan a CellarTracker barcode, you should automatically be directed to the correct wine or bottle.

UPC/EAN Barcodes

If instead you scan a UPC/EAN, you may have trouble recognizing the barcode or finding the right wine from search results. For more details on why UPC/EAN barcodes are unreliable, see About UPC and EAN Barcodes.

After scanning a UPC/EAN barcode, you may find the wine you're looking for available in the search results. If not, we suggest searching another way (not by barcode).

Mapping a barcode to a wine

We map UPC/EAN barcodes to wines so that future searches return the correct wine in their results. Here's how it works:


After searching by barcode and then choosing a wine from search results, the app will ask you if it's the right result. We will map the barcode to the wine automatically unless you say no.

App (Legacy)

After searching by barcode, if you get no results, just type in a search on the same screen. When you find/pick a wine the system will ask if you want to associated the barcode you had just scanned.

Desktop Web

The same thing works in our desktop website with an external scanner on the ADD WINE TO CELLAR screen using the exact same workflow. Also in our desktop website, on the page for any wine you can click EDIT WINE DEFINITION, and on that screen there is a place to add a UPC.

Additional questions

Q: Do you support QR codes?

A: Yes we do!

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