Location and Bin Barcodes

CellarTracker supports special location and bin barcodes that represent individual location and bin storage locations within your cellar. These barcodes make it easy to relocate bottles using the full website with just your handheld scanner.

Printing Location and Bin Barcodes

To print location and bin barcodes, open the Print dialog as you normally would, and select the Barcode Labels tab. Then, under Label Type, choose the option for Location and Bin labels. Ideally, these are printed on a DYMO LabelWriter printer, however you can export the data to CSV for other methods.

Selecting which labels to print is done under the Label Format Options section of the dialog. You can choose between existing locations and bins, existing locations, existing bins, manually entered locations, or manually entered bins. For any of the existing options, you can further add a filter to only print labels for a single specific location.

For either of the manually entered options, the text box on the right side will become enabled and allow you to enter in a list of locations or bins from which labels will be created. Each line is treated as a new label, and may include spaces and other valid punctuation and text. The type of label (location or bin) is determined by the value of the drop down - in this mode, you can print either location or bin labels, not both at the same time. The preview window will update to reflect the list of locations or bins you have entered.

When ready to print, simply hit the Print button.

Label Template Types

There are two pre-defined templates available for location and bin labels. Or, you can create your own using the instructions in Customizing the DYMO Templates.

DYMO 30336

The standard template fits the DYMO 30336 labels that are the default template for the per-bottle barcodes. When printing to these labels, the location and bin templates use the Code 128 symbology to print a 1D barcode, with the text of the barcode below it.

QR Code: DYMO 30332 (1" x 1")

The QR code template is based on a much smaller, 1" x 1", DYMO 30332 label. This template includes a QR code representing the location or bin, the word Location or Bin to denote what type of label it is, and then the friendly name of the location/bin at the bottom.

Using Location and Bin Barcodes

Currently, Location and Bin barcodes are only supported by the full website. The usage scenario is:

  1. Scan one or more bottle barcodes into the Scan Barcodes page.
  2. Scan a location and/or bin barcode to relocate the scanned bottles into the location and/or bin represented by the barcode.
  3. Press the Clear button, or scan the special Clear barcode, to clear the list. Repeat from step 1 as necessary.

The "Clear" Barcode

The final "special" barcode supported by CellarTracker is the Clear barcode (encoded as C_Clear). Scanning this barcode will clear all bottles from the currently scanned list on the Scan Barcodes page, and is just a shortcut for the Clear List button on the page. You can download copies of this label, which can be printed directly from the DYMO Label Software program, here:

Technical Notes

The key to making location and bin barcodes work as expected is the prefix of the encoded data. Location barcodes follow the format of L_<Location> and bin barcodes are B_<Bin>. If you're planning to customize the templates, or use a different barcode format, as long as you follow the encoding above, the labels should work as expected.

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