Customizing the DYMO Templates

There may be situations where you want to customize the CellarTracker label template, for example, to fit a different label size or include additional text/images on the label. These instructions will show you how to download and customize a label template for use when printing your labels.

Customized label templates are an advanced feature intended for technical users. Also, if you have customized the templates for DYMO Label Service (.label files) those will not be loaded if you upgrade to DYMO Connect for Desktop (.dymo files). You must rename your files with a .dymo extension.

It's best to start off by modifying one of the existing label definitions. Choose the one that's closest to the size/type of the label you'd like to print, and download it to your computer. It is important that you save the label files with the same name as they have when they are downloaded.
Label Type/Size URL
DYMO 30336/11352 (per-bottle) DLS:
QR Code: DYMO 30336/11352 (per-bottle) DLS:
DYMO 30252/30320 (per-bottle) DLS:
QR Code: DYMO 30252/30320 (per-bottle) DLS:
Dual-Perforated [New size] (per-bottle) DLS:
QR Code: Dual-Perforated [New size] (per-bottle) DLS:
Location and Bin Labels DLS:
QR Code: Location and Bin Labels DLS:
Per-Wine and Size DLS:
Open the downloaded label in the latest version of the DYMO Label Software and modify as appropriate. Do NOT delete any of the named objects (BARCODE, WINENAME, INFOTEXT) or you will break the printing.
When you're done with your modifications, put the modified file into \Program Files\CellarTracker on Windows or /Applications/CellarTracker on a Mac. The site will try to load and use these local templates first.
You can (and should) test that you've modified the labels correctly by using our diagnostic web page hosted at Look at the debug output when clicking the Check Installation button; if it shows that it loaded the custom template from disk, make sure to change the label type drop-down to match the template you are using, and then click the Print Test Labels button to verify the template is correct.
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