Integration with Decanter

Decanter's team of international experts bring you over 1,000 new and exclusive wine reviews every month as well as full access to and magazine articles online. Stay up-to-date on all the latest releases including independent advice on what to drink now and where to buy them.

Decanter Premium subscribers (not their iPhone/iPad only subscribers) can link their accounts to access all of Decanter's reviews from within CellarTracker. To get started, visit the  My Subscriptions page and scroll down to Decanter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remain subscribed to Decanter to keep seeing content in CellarTracker?

Yes. If your Decanter subscription lapses, the Decanter content will be hidden on CellarTracker.

If I subcribe to Decanter via the Apple store and consequently do not have a Decanter username/password, can I still activate Decanter content in CellarTracker?

According to Decanter, the iPad/iPhone subscription is done through Apple, and will not work to link with CellarTracker. You need a Decanter Premium subscription to do that, and you can get in touch with them for a bundle discount code if you're interested.

How long after a review is published on Decanter will it be before reviews appear in CellarTracker?

We try to integrate new content on a monthly basis, though sometimes it can take a little longer to appear.

How much does a subscription to Decanter cost?

Decanter is currently $100/year (or $12/month).  The current rates are posted here.

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