Using the Excel WebQuery file

CellarTracker supports an Excel tool you can download which provides a more real-time interface to the data. This acts like a standalone application in that you feed it your CellarTracker handle and password, and then it can be refreshed to grab a copy of the latest data from your CellarTracker account. This is useful as a personal backup, for offline access (on a plane or to sync to a handheld device), and for deeper analysis using the rich tools in Microsoft Excel.

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  1. First download a copy of the special Excel spreadsheet found at and save this to your local machine.

    As of August 31, 2017, the insecure version of WebQuery.xls (which sends passwords over plaintext) is no longer supported. The regular (HTTPS) version should work fine with all current versions of Microsoft Excel.

  2. Open this spreadsheet and go to the first tab: Login

    In some versions of Microsoft Excel, you will first need to Enable Editing in order to use the spreadsheet.

  3. Enter your CellarTracker handle and password in the provided spaces. (You will only need to do this once.)
  4. If you are prompted with a security warning, such as the one below, you must also click Enable Content to allow the spreadsheet to update.

  5. The spreadsheet should automatically refresh all of the tabs with the latest data. If not, you can force a manual refresh by going to the Data toolbar, and selecting Refresh All.


My sheet doesn't seem to be updating, what can I do?

  • Check that your handle and password correct on the Login tab. (Note that your handle is shown in the upper right of the page when you are logged in to the website.)
  • Try pressing the Refresh All button on the Data tab.
  • Double-check your firewall and anti-virus software to ensure that it allows Microsoft Excel to access the Internet.

An attempt to Refresh All Fails with "An unexpected error has occurred" while using Excel - Office Home Business 2019.

  • File -> Options -> Private Settings
  • Under "All connected experiences"
  • Check "Enable connected experiences" and restart Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see Location and Bin information in the WebQuery file?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Switch from the Wine List tab to the Individual Bottles tab.
  2. On the Login tab, underneath your handle and password, there is an option for Show Location/Bin. Change the dropdown value to 1, and the sheet will refresh so the Wine List tab will contain the location and bin information.

Can I enter information in this Excel spreadsheet and have it update the main CellarTracker site?

No. Sorry, the Excel spreadsheet described here is a one-way download and not a two-way sync tool. That said, if you are wondering how to import an existing Excel spreadsheet into your CellarTracker account, please read about Migrating from Another System.

Can I use spreadsheet programs other than Microsoft Excel?

We are not aware of other spreadsheet programs which support the Web Query feature that allows Microsoft Excel to automatically pull data from the web. That said, CellarTracker simply exposes tabular views onto different aspects of your cellar data, so you could easily copy and paste this from your web browser into OpenOffice or other spreadsheet software. For more inforrmation on how to access your data via HTML, XML, Tab-delimited text, or CSV, please see the Exporting Data topic.

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