How to sort and filter your wine cellar

By filtering your collection and sorting filtered wines, you can answer a lot of the questions you might be asking when choosing which wine to drink or buy next. For example, you can find​ wines that are within a specific price range that are rated high​ or sort specific variety by vintage.

Sort and filter using the mobile app

You can first access your cellar from the homepage by using the "In My Cellar" Button or click the "collection" logo on the bottom navigation bar from any app page.

Once you are in your cellar, "filter" button is the first button on the top left and "sort" button is to the right of the filter button. When sorting, use the arrow on the right to switch between ascending or descending.

You can select multiple filtering criteria.


  • To find the highest rated bottle of Champagne I have? 
    • Filter by region "Champagne" then sort by "community rating"
  • To find the highest rated Burgundy red wine within $40-$100
    • Filter by region "Burgundy" AND variety "Pinot" AND set price minimum ($40) and maximum ($100). Then sort by "community rating"

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