Beta Release Notes

Release 2.0.21 - (5/05/23)

  • Added UI updates to filtering in Reviews when viewing from a Wine Detail
  • Allow user to delete and edit their own reviews
  • UI updates to Tasting Note form
🐛 Squashed:
  • Fix for user landing on the Home Activity screen instead of My Cellar after seeing Welcome
  • Selecting Community Reviews in Wine Detail now includes user's own reviews
  • Fix for review count not updating after user has added/removed a review
  • Fix for bottle count not updating when a user consumes a bottle

Release 2.0.15 - (4/26/23)

  • Introduced sorting and filtering to Reviews when viewing from a Wine Detail
  • Updates to Pro Review UI
  • Prompt user to add a tasting note after consuming a bottle
  • New DatePicker Modal component.
🐛 Squashed:
  • Fix to allow for filtering by size when searching My Cellar
  • Fix for Location dropdown in My Cellar not showing all options

Release 2.0.14 - (4/11/23)

  • Enabled tasting note and comment styling in UI
  • Updates in My Cellar to show tasting notes count
  • Addition of snackbar notification after successfully adding a tasting note
  • Open tasting note comments in screen instead of bottom sheet
🐛 Squashed:
  • Fix for ScrollView in modals to include a keyboard aware submit button

Release 2.0.12 - (3/27/23)

  • Create/View tasting note comments from Wine Details screen - (no editing/deleting yet)
  • Helpful voting on tasting notes
  • Enabled tasting note styling in UI
  • Upgrade image management/caching library
  • Redacted navigation
🐛 Squashed:
  • Fix UI inconsistencies in Add Tasting Note screen : remove access to future dates, fix max rating, etc
  • Add form validation on Add Tasting Note screen
  • Fix UI glitch when validating Beta access
  • Fix app crash when navigating to Account screen
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