Managing Purchases

You add wine to your cellar by creating a purchase. A purchase is a record of when a wine was added to your cellar, and optionally the store (source), price, and associated notes.

How do I add pricing data for existing bottles in my cellar?

The answer below presumes you added bottles to inventory without associated purchase data.

  1. Navigate to the wine in question.
  2. Click the link to Edit Bottles.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the bottles in question and then click the Edit button at the top of the screen. Fill in the purchase details and press the button to update.

Are there any plans to create "Types" of Additions to Cellar similar to the many ways someone can Remove a bottle from their cellar (Drink, Sell, Trades, Gifts, Missing/Presumed Drunk, etc...)?

You can use the store name (Gift, Private Collector, Winery, Restaurant etc.) and the Purchase note (name of the gift giver, name of collector, name of winery, name of restaurant etc.) to record the specifics.

How do I remove a store from the list of stores in my drop-down?

When you go to add/edit a purchase, the store drop-down shows you all stores from which you have purchased wine in the past year. When editing a purchase, the store drop-down will show all stores you have ever purchased from.

If you see a typo that you want to remove (or a store you no longer want in your list), you will need to edit all of the purchases which use that store. Once no more purchases are attached to a specific store, it will automatically disappear from the full list.

  1. Look at your purchases grouped by store.
  2. Click on a store name to see the list of purchases using that store.
  3. Utilize our Bulk Editing tools to easily update the store name in one step.

Are there any plans to add sub total lines in the wine cost area for shipping, tax and total cost?

This is on our to-do list. Meanwhile, users often ask whether their prices should include tax and shipping. This is an individual decision, but most users choose to enter their prices without tax and shipping.

Can I keep track of purchases in different currencies such as Euros, US Dollars and British Pounds?

Yes! Each purchase can now have its own currency, and CellarTracker will automatically convert that into your account's default currency where necessary (e.g. for averages, valuation, etc). You can learn more about our currency support in the Currency Support topic.

Can I keep track of what a wine is worth, not just what I paid for it?

Absolutely! Please see the Automatic Valuation topic for details.

If I enter a $0 gift bottle, will that throw off the community pricing or my own average price?

No. When calculating average prices any purchase with a price of $0 is disregarded. The recommended way to track a gift is to add a purchase with a price of $0, a store name of "Gift" and then put the name of the giver in the (private) purchase note field.

Why is the total cost of my cellar slightly different in INDIVIDUAL BOTTLE display mode versus WINES display mode?

There are two factors here. The INDIVIDUAL BOTTLE display mode knows the exact price of each bottle, and it can just add those up. The WINES display mode uses the AVERAGE cost based on all of your historical purchases of a wine. So if you have gift bottles, those can overstate your cost (since the $0 gift price is not factored into the average cost). And the average price is based on all bottles and not just your remaining ones. So if you have purchased the same wine at multiple prices, these may lead to small discrepancies.

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