Integration with Burghound

Do I need to remain subscribed to Burghound to keep seeing content in CellarTracker?

Yes. If your Burghound subscription lapses, the Burghound content will be hidden on CellarTracker.

I just subscribed to Burghound, but I don’t see the reviews in CellarTracker. What do I need to do to turn this on? Or I renewed my subscription on the Burghound site, but CellarTracker doesn't seem to know about that. Why not?

If you recently renewed or extended your Burghound subscription, simply go to the My Subscriptions page and press the Update button (or Link Subscription if you are not currently linked) to fetch your current expiration date for your online subscription to

How long after a new quarterly issue of Burghound will it be before reviews appear in CellarTracker?

You should assume a 2-3 week turnaround.

How much does a subscription to Burghound cost?

Burghound is currently $145/year with multi-year discounts. The latest rates are posted here.

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