Wine Insurance

Is Your Collection Properly Insured?

I want to touch on a topic that a lot of people ignore. If you have a wine collection, is it properly insured? What happens if you suffer theft, fire or just a broken cooling unit at the height of summer? Have you looked at your insurance policy to see if you would really be covered? Unless you have specific coverage from Chubb, Chartis (formerly AIG Private Client), or Fireman's Fund the answer is almost always no. When I went through this exercise a few years ago it was very difficult, and ultimately to get coverage I had to consolidate all of my insurance for home and cars with one carrier just so I could buy a relatively small rider to protect my wine. It was something I put off for years.

With that in mind, I am very excited to announce a new standalone insurance offering that was crafted jointly by Marc Lazar at CellarAdvisors along with Bliss and Glennon and Essex Insurance. Please, if you have a wine collection, visit and look at their very reasonable offering. Check your current policy. It is worth it to protect your collection no matter how big or small.

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