Recommended Equipment

We strongly recommend the use of DYMO LabelWriter printers, as they offer the most automated and integrated solution. The following are our recommended hardware components, though they are certainly not the only ones that you can use.

Printing Labels

Scanning Labels

For simple, one-at-a-time scanning of barcodes, you can use our free mobile apps as a handheld scanner. If you expect to perform lots of bulk scanning, and want to easily relocate bottles using the scanner, a separate handheld device that connects to your PC or Mac will be best. We currently use 8 digit Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF) as the barcode format for per-bottle labels and Code 128 Auto for per-wine labels; any 1D barcode scanner should work, as long as it is capable of reading these symbologies.

NOTE: For ITF, please make sure your scanner supports Any Length of ITF barcode, and not just a fixed length.

Here are a few scanners we've had success with:

  • Wired Barcode Scanner: CipherLab 1070 (~$40, USB, model #A1070CBS0U001); Buy on BarcodeDiscount.
  • Wireless Barcode Scanner: CipherLab 1560 (~$260, USB base, model #A1560CBK0H002); Buy on BarcodeDiscount.
  • Wireless Pocket Laser Barcode Scanner: ScanfobĀ® 2006 for Windows (ScanfobĀ® is a registered trademark of Serialio Ltd.), Mac OS X, iOS: Bluetooth (~$299); Buy on
    (No built-in Bluetooth on Windows or Mac? Also get this USB Bluetooth adapter: (~$54 ); Buy on
  • Wireless Mobile Barcode Scanner: Socket CHS 7Ci (~$230, Bluetooth, more info).

Additional Notes

  • Socket scanners: Socket barcode scanners may need to enable support for scanning ANY LENGTH of ITF barcode. That can be done with this PDF configuration file. Just scan the proper barcode.
  • CipherLab scanners: Mac users of OSX with CipherLab scanners need to configure their scanner to 'Transmit By Character' with this PDF configuration file.


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